Jason Baxter Portrait Photograph

Welcome to my blog & thank you for visiting.

Back in 2015, I was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 2 (SCA2) which is hereditary. Most people who have this know that they may suffer with it as there is a 50% chance of inheriting the faulty gene. I’m adopted so had no inclination that this could happen to me. You can read more about SCA2 here.

Since my diagnosis, I have had a couple of  attempts at counselling but if I’m perfectly honest, they haven’t really helped. Early on, it was suggested to me that keeping a journal or writing a blog might help so I started writing a blog. When I first started, one of the main problems I experienced was being fairly unbalanced so I decided to call my blog WobblyBloke (seemed like a good idea at the time).

At the start, I attempted to write a post every week which then became every now and then before it fizzled out completely. I had sudden bursts of creativity and decided to try and take my blog in a different direction – that didn’t work either.

Fast forward nearly four years, Much has changed both personally and physically; we’ve moved house – we have moved somewhere fairly rural to a property that better fits my needs, I had some further deterioration, collected arthritis and diabetes along the way and at the shiny new beginning of 2019 here we are.

This time, I hope to get further than the welcome page! I regret calling my blog wobblybloke but I’m stuck with it now. I reread my early posts and they made me cringe so they can’t have been much good and have been rightly consigned to the virtual trash bin.

Why I have decided to try and start again? Well, I recently had a second round of counselling and felt the same at the end as I had at the beginning which is probably not the intended outcome. I’m conscious that my mental health is crucially important and will be moreso when things get worse. And if counselling isn’t helping, it’s time to help myself. So, while I cannot promise that what follows is going to be good, readable and enlightening, I’m going to have another go. I owe it to myself.

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